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happy patient of Helen bae chiropractor in San Jose CA

"My family and I have enjoyed the expertise of Helen Bae's chiropractic care for more than a decade. Helen has an excitement for the practice of chiropractic healing and is ever staying on the edge of the latest methods available. So many times have I called needing her care and insight and have been met with a great adjustment, the perfect nutritional supplements and a warm hug and smile. I recommend Helen to friends who are ready for the peak in chiropractic care."

- Winter

"I've had chiropractic adjustments with many different chiropractors and can say without hesitation that Helen Bae is the best! Treating the whole body, Helen is interested in understanding where pain originates, and how it can be alleviated. Helen makes such a difference in my life that I make sure to go see her every month as part of my personal wellness program. Helen takes into consideration what's going on in my life in general; she's the most upbeat, creative, optimistic person you could hope to meet. Leaving Helen's office, feeling physically better is only a part of it, I also see the world differently and am uplifted, inspired, and encouraged. Helen provides a non-force, non-crack adjustment and she also has a wonderful laser treatment which is very relaxing. Herbal products can also be part of the healing protocol and Helen is well educated in the use of herbal remedies. If you are looking for a chiropractor in San Jose CA, Helen's the one to go see, you will be happy you did!"

- Margaret

"I was looking for a holistic chiropractor who did N.E.T. (neuro emotional technique. I am so thankful that I found Helen Bae, D.C. sixteen years ago. At the beginning of 2003, I had just separated from my husband, bought a house, and had a demanding job in Production at Lucasfilm Ltd…so I was going through a lot of changes. She helped me through this difficult time. I truly believe I owe my physical, mental, & emotional health and well-being to her. My immune system is so much stronger since I started seeing her. I can be around sick people, and not get sick. This was especially important when I was working on the film TOMORROWLAND with Director Brad Bird and living on location in Vancouver, Spain, Florida, & Los Angeles. I was averaging 4-hours of sleep a night and was surrounded by sick people because we were filming outdoors during the cold winter, but Helen gave me a protocol of supplements to take while I was away on location and I did not get sick. My allergies are almost non-existent. Helen always knows what I need every session I am with her…whether I need N.E.T., supplements, cleanse, physical treatment on my shoulders, back, knees, ankles. I always feel so much better after each session. I have referred my family and friends to her and we absolutely love and adore her."

- Ardees

"I found Helen Bae when I had been suffering from a chronic illness for over a year. Despite having seen many different types of specialists, my condition had not improved. After only a month of working with Helen, I started to recover. Helen's work has been life-changing for me. She gets to the core issues you are dealing with at a physical and emotional level and addresses them in holistic ways. From acute conditions to everyday health maintenance, she transforms you and your experience of your own health. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a true Healer."

- Lisa

"I have consulted Dr. Bae for five years and give her the highest rating as a chiropractic and holistic doctor in San Jose. She is constantly educating herself in the latest methods of chiropractic skills and applying these to her practice. I have benefitted from her blading, cranial and laser work, and from her well-versed knowledge of supplemental substances to augment her treatment. I have great trust in her response to my chiropractic needs and recommend her without reservation."

- Rosemary

"I have been going to Helen for 10+ years. She is incredible – she has seen me through two pregnancies, intense walking and running training programs, as well as taking care of my children’s injuries. She really is a master in cranial work and has helped me tremendously with TMJ as well as shoulder pain. She has taught me to heal my body through natural supplements and provides homeopathic alternatives to medicine. I am so grateful for her and the difference she has made in my health."

- Kara

"I cannot recommend Dr. Bae highly enough. After physical therapy and yoga had proved ineffective, I had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Bae for my long-standing sciatica and related lower back pain. These issues were completely resolved in just a couple visits. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a major improvement in my quality-of-life. I am not just pain-free, but able to get back onto the ultimate field and resume my weekend warrior routine."

- Aaron

"Dr. Helen Bae is a remarkable chiropractor in San Jose CA.  She is always uniquely addressing my health issues with a tailored approach.  She is both compassionate in her approach and passionate about bring life and healing into my body and situations."
- Rosemary
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