Owen tries NET on Grey’s Anatomy!

NET (neuro emotional technique) has made its way into mainstream media in a big way. In a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy called ‘Head Over High Heels’, Owen works with a therapist who incorporates the NET healing process into his session. We watch as the therapist explains how Owen may be ‘caught in a pattern.’ Then, by evaluating the body’s response to muscle testing, the therapist is able to bring forth a painful event from Owen’s childhood. With the therapist’s help, Owen is able to resolve the pattern and reintegrate blocked energies.

Since this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the public awareness of NET has skyrocketed. Many NET practitioners have reported an influx of interest from new patients who are eager to experience the benefits of addressing their mind and body stresses with NET.

NET is an extraordinarily powerful way to bypass the story-telling of the mind and get straight to the core truths that are stored in the body. To learn more about this practice, check out NETmindbody.com. As a Certified NET practitioner, it would be my pleasure to facilitate this therapeutic work with you. Here’s to balanced health and wellbeing!

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